Some days, you get the bear and some days, the bear gets you.

I wear several hats and one of them is an outside counselor in a preK-8 and a 9 -12 school where I support the children who are eligible for my services.  I know that is vague, but if I gave you more details, I’d have to…. (You know the rest).  This week has been crazy and has included field trips, lock downs and police calls.  Several of the teachers are frazzled and some are walking around the building looking as if they have just been attacked by a horde of raging children.  Which brings me to my topic.  Some days, you get the bear and everything seems to go smoothly and nothing permeates your aura of calmness and collectedness.  Other days, well, on those days, the bear wins.  What makes the difference?  Is it attitude or the phase of the moon?  Is it the collective craziness which periodically permeates a school or an organization or family?  Are you and I the cause of allowing the bear to get us?  What do you think?  Can we control the bear?

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